My name is Valentine Mark Herman, otherwise known as Val Herman -- except in France, where I am known as Mark Herman. (Don't ask!).
I am a Conceptual Artist and Writer, and l have been living in Sigean in the South of France since 2002.
The aim of this web-site is to showcase my recent work, most of which is for sale. Please use the Contact page to enquire about work, or just to make contact.

I was the founder and first President (until July 2016) of the Sigean Association of Contemporary Art (ASAC), which took over from the former Collectif de Sigean that had held a series of exhibitions and organised the 1st Sigean Festival of Contemporary Art..

ASAC was established in the Spring of 2015 and organised the 2nd Sigean International Festival of Contemporary Art in May 2016, and a subsequent exhibition entitled '5th Symphony'. I resigned immediately after this exhibition when it became clear that the majority of the members of ASAC were neither interested in contemporary art, nor shared my visions of establishing Festivals that featured non-French -- and essentially non-local-- contemporary artists. After my departure, ASAC re-named itself as the 'Sigean Association of Art and Culture' (which allowed it to keep the acronym ASAC, even though its new title implies that art is seperate from culture).

I am Artistic Consultant at the Galerie serrenncia in Sigean, and was formerly Artist-in-Residence there

My latest artistic venture is to be one of the founders - along with my Danish friends Henrik and Jeanette Brondsted -- of the new international contemporary art gallery in Sigean -- rempARTS/3International. We held our inaugural exhibition in July 2017 featuring works from Belgian, French, Finnish, Danish and British artists. At least two further exhibitions will be held in 2018.