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Creative Writing

My most recent publications are:

  • Journey Around my Study (2003), an auto-biography.
  • My Sporting Career (2008), another autobiography, describing 26 different sports I have participated in over the years, with limited success, but much pleasure.
  • 99 Doors (2008), a photographic essay and exploration of all kinds of doors (including The Doors, Diana Dors, the Bedford Dormobile, Dawes bikes, Tandoor ovens, Dorian Gray, etc.)
  • 107 Days: The Planned Deconstruction of the Life of Tommy Moran (2008), a novel with Gothic, romantic and existential themes.
  • Dear Josephine, Love Valentine (2008), another novel based on a series of old and new postcards.
  • The Shopping List (2009), yet another novel - co-authored with Jessica Wilkin - a sort-of mixed-up romantic novel that starts in a supermarket trolley and ends....
  • Collections ... and Collectors (2009), essays on their personal collections and collecting habits by Valentine M. Herman and Friends.
  • Portrait of the Old Man as an Artist (2009), a slim but elegant book showcasing my water colour paintings.
  • AD 2059: My Life in a Cardboard Box (2009), a series of essays by Valentine M Herman and Friends describing which of our most treasured possessions we would place in a cardboard box to be opened up in 50 years time.
  • Le Must de Herman Mini Museum Catalogue and Guide (2010), a description of the exhibits in the Old Fountain Conceptual Artist and Writing Syndicate's Permanent Installation.
  • Dicing With Death (2010), a photographic essay on dice and the numbers zero to five.

Please contact me if you are interested in them.

I have recently (2015) completed two 'accordion'-style fold-out books of Lino Print images.
The first is called 'I Ching Hexagrams', and contains 64 pages -- one for each of the I Ching Hexagrams.

The second book is called 'Fourty- Eight Distressed Flags'. It has 48 pages, and, on each of these is a 'Distressed Flag'.
More Hexagrams and Distressed Flags can be seen in the Lino Prints section of this web-site.

I currently write two sets of articles for an on-line website, Les Bavards du Net ( One of these mainly focusses on reviews of local art exhibitions and cultural events, as well as occasional comments on political, social and economic events ( The other is a series of humorous (I hope!) Franglais articles inspired by the late writer and 'Punch' contributor', Miles Kington. These feature various characters, such as the French guys Jean-Paul and George-Ringo, and the English couple Stanley Accrington and Alexander Crewe. As well as Mme Mai, of course. ( Each week I write about an aspect of British, French or European events that I find amusing. Or stupid. Or both. Subjects covered include Brexit (of course), the Eurovision Song Contest, le Tour de France, the cuisines of Britain and France, Cricket, l'entente cordiale, etc.

I have also established the Sigean Institute of/de Franglais– of which I am the Founder, President, Boss, and sole member, and give occasional talks on, and very often in, Franglais.