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Silly Stamps

In the last 50 years there has been an explosion in the number of commemorative stamps that have been issued - often just so that they can be sold in large numbers to stamp collectors so as to raise revenue for the national treasury. This issuing policy (sic) sometimes produces strange results - such as Middle Eastern countries that have never seen snow issuing Winter Olympic stamps, and Lady Diane featuring on the stamps of many countries that she had nothing whatsoever to do with in her lifetime.

Most countries now issue large amounts of commemorative stamps on a regular basis -- for example, the British Post Office plans to issue at least 18 sets of stamps in 2015, covering subjects as diverse as the Battle of Waterloo, Alice in Wonderland and Comedy Greats.

(If the British Post Office would like to issue a 19th set of stamps in 2015 then I can offer it a series called "Great British Artists 1: Valentine Mark Herman." Here are some pre-issue specimens of these stamps)

Some commemorative stamps are works of art -- but for me few are these days as they are just minituarised photographs linked to some theme or other.

Others....well, sometimes it's difficult to know what exactly they are supposed to represent, or what the 'message' (if any) behind them is supposed to be.

I call these 'Silly Stamps'.

To me they are 'silly', because I cannot work out what they are meant to be about. If they have a 'message' of any sort, it is lost on me.

But that, of course, doesn't stop me from giving them a message of my own.

Here are 40 odd Silly Stamps (or sets of stamps) that I have come across recently. I hope that you enjoy them.

Welcome to my world of Silly Stamps! 20+ of these Silly Stamps -- with a text in French -- were exhibited in Sigean in September, 2018.

(About which you can find more in my forthcoming book that will be called something like "The Romanian Worm That Turned", or "The Sad Demise of Sven Johansson", or "Viagra for Everyone: Greek Style", or "Cowbras and Boob Jobs", or....)