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I have recently started a series of art works on old Vinyl 7 inch 45 rpm and 12 inch 33 rpm records.
They provide lots of artistic design possibilities that I am exploring, such as:

  • using the A and/or B side of the records
  • painting, collaging, assemblaging, or whatever, the record
  • using the record sleeve cover, or not
  • following the track lines (of EPs and LPs), or not
  • incorporating the record label into the art work, or not
  • incorporating information about the title, the artist, the record company, or whatever, into the art work, or not
  • using the centre hole (the 'Emble'), which could be large if it is a 45 rpm record that has come from a juke-box or is a European 45, or small if it's a UK 45
  • anything else that I can think of!

You might like to read the »PDF file«, and then look at the Vinyl Art Works. My history of, and love for, Vinyl records is explained in the 'Confessions ', which is taken from my book, Collections and Collectors