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Question: what's a 'Punnekin'?

Answer: the Dutch version of the French 'Tricotaine'?

I'm none the wiser. What's a 'Punnekin' or a 'Tricotaine' or whatever you want to call it?

It's a length of crocheted wool produced by a process that the English call 'French knitting' based on a 'Knitting Dolly'. I exhibited a 9-canvas Punnekin Assemblage in August 2014 entitled "Le Tricotin Arc-en-Ciel de Roj V Biv, 7 + 1 + i" (Loosely translated as "The French-knitting Rainbow of Roy G Biv, 7 +1 +i").  The canvasses are shown here...along with my rainbow pullover.

I spend endless hours making Punnekins and incorporate them in various mobiles and assemblages using cassettes, vinyl records, feathers, beads and whatever comes to hand. Some examples of my Punnekin & Cassette Mobiles are shown here.

Inspired by the Yarn Bombing movement, I spent a few days in September 2016 Tricotaine Bombing in Sigean. The little 'Bombs' (each were between 20 and 50 cms long) were a combination of Tricotaines/Punnekins and 35 mm slides. I targetted, amongst other sites, the local Museum, Mairie and Médiathèque, several houses, some stret signs, the Park Municipal and the historic Old and New Vountains in Sigean. Examples can be found in the Tricotaine Bombing section.

Few of the Bombs stayed in situ for long. It was as if soleone was following me around the village and removing the Bombs just a few hours after I put them up. As the Bombs were scattered around the old part of the village, some one(s) seemed to have gone out of their way to track them down, and then to carefully remove them. Perhaps someone has started a collection of my Tricotaine Bombs? perhaps the collection will be worth some oney one day? ('Fat chance of that', say one and all; 'Dream on, Val'.)